1. What’s really effed up, is the clown holding the signs, who takes his inspiration from a shoeless boob in Denver.

  2. Exerting your rights does not make you belligerent or uncooperative…Good work . As far as the lower IQ than a cucumber police go…Kick Rocks coppers.✌😎

  3. Otto u we’re close to me come give me some help doing some Audits n cop watching Sweetwater Texas πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Šk

  4. We are sending people to your channel man! I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I have been arrested 91 times for my "FUCK COPS" sign! Amazing, all this tine I thought they were offended by the word COPS, but apperently it was the word FUCK this whole time!

    CALL ME IMMEDIATLY PLEASE – I am going to jail tomorrow for 90 days for some offensive chalk messages and I want to talk to you befo few d I go in

    720 388 5752

  5. I lived in Wylie and cops harrassed and abused there authority. They have ripped me out of my car 20 plus times in a 5 year span. Just because who my brother is.

  6. 7:55 OMG I just got your shouy out! You rock! and I have been leaving messages all over your channel for you to call me figuring you would think I am just some internet whackjob stalker! Lolol. CALL ME 720 288 5752 today is th only day youvcancfor a long time!

  7. New sub. Eric sent me 😊. Stay safe please. This is stacked up against you to give you the shit end of the stick. And shit is fucked up stuff!

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