Students call cops on Tarrant College professor after strange behavior

Students call cops on Tarrant College professor after strange behavior

The man on the balcony is Daniel Mashburn, an adjunct professor of astronomy at the Tarrant County College Northeast campus.

Mashburn, seen here in a picture from his Facebook page tried to explain his behavior during class Tuesday night.

“no I thought I’d start this year a little different”

Student April McLeod shot this video of Mashburn being questioned in the hallway by Campus Police, called there by students who were frightened at the way he began his class, the way he was speaking..and the way he was dressed.

Mike McGlothin, Student: “he turned off the lights as soon as he walked in adamant about the lights had to be off had his clothing covering you could only see his eyes his hat was down low his scarf was over his face and everything and from that he was just really bizarre”

APRIL MCLEOD, TCC STUDENT: “I was in class for about 5 minutes he kept messing with his pocket and you could tell there was an object in the right hand pocket and whenever he went to pull out his hand I started having this really bad feeling and jumped op land ran out of the classroom.

Police did not find any weapons on the professor and did not arrest him. Mashburn agreed to talk with us, but refused to come down from his apartment balcony for the interview.

“ARE YOU AWARE THAT YOU SCARED SOME OF THOSE STUDENTS? Why should they be afraid? WELL YOU WOULDN’T SHOW YOUR FACE. Many people do not show their faces and many countries they do not show their faces. WELL HERE IN AMERICA WE TEND TO USUALLY SHOW OUR FACE WHEN WE ARE A PROFESSOR AT A COLLEGE THAT’S TYPICALLY THE STANDARD. Oh yes but I do not answer to your standard I am not a Christian I am not a Jew I’m a Muslim.”

Masburn repeatedly deflected questions and several times said his teaching of Astronomy goes hand in hand with Islam.

“SIR WHEN YOU INTERVIEWED WITH TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE TO GET THIS JOB DID YOU EXPLAIN TO THEM YOUR TEACHING PHILOSOPHY? Haha I keep it secret I keep it safe I do my best but I am tired of hiding in the shadows I am tired of fearing their law I fear Allah*

Tarrant County College issued a statement that said little, only that it was aware of the incident and administrators are investigating.

“WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY TO THOSE STUDENTS WHO WERE FRIGHTENED ENOUGH LAST NIGHT THEY HAD TO CALL NINE-ONE-ONE? I do not know why they fear me why are they afraid I’m a man who covers his face in his hand I offer you nothing but the Koran a book and the universe the universe is in my hand right here you can look at it”

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  1. "I am not a Christian, i am not a Jew; i am a Muslim"

    Muslim too, but this is some seriously hilarious shit. Where in the world do professors cover their face?

  2. Man i’m glad I dont go to that tcc campus anymore. The last "english" professor I had there was obsessed with race and had to keep bringing up black people whether they were writers or not…keep in mind theres plenty of great black writers to discuss like Mr James Baldwin. Idk what her deal was but some of the professors there were weirdos.

  3. Get this POS outta the school
    He is mental AF
    Off his meds
    Libtards and death cult Islam are going to merge

  4. Maybe he was trying to prove a point. Muslims cover their face, why is it not okay for a non-muslim to cover their face? People reacted with fear and suspected he had a weapon in his pocket, but we are told it is unacceptable behavior to fear Muslims or view them as threatening even in countries with high instances of terror attacks. On the other hand, maybe he is incapable of being this clever, maybe he is just crazy.

  5. The red flags on whacko students were always missed. I hope they don’t miss this one.
    Good thing licensed students can be armed on campus.

  6. Wow. Never thought I’d see an Islam convert be an astronomy professor anywhere in Texas (except maybe Austin). California maybe, but not Texas of all the states it could happen in.

  7. Islam is about our earth, our existence! You are crazy to not understand its legit to imposse the sharia law… Bamn, antifa, sjw, and terorist all say the same… Still people excuse them…

  8. Truly he was following in the footsteps of islam’s pedophile founder who likewise said and did many psychotic things

  9. The way he act,dress and respond give out red alarms that anyone would be scared seeing someone like this in around them

  10. The parents of these students should file suite against the college for allowing this nut case in. The students were clearly frightened. The students should file a restraining order against him and have him arrested if he comes within 300 feet of any of them.

  11. Psych evaluation STAT. His behavior is inappropriate and very odd. It’s also nowhere near his best interests, he’s acting in a way that’s going to have the Police be looking into him. He has no vocal affectation, he seems to speak in a very montone kind of way with no real feeling behind his words. He may be having a mental issue and needs this addressed.

    He should’ve been taken in for a mandatory evaluation, not just fired from his job.

  12. Typical. People who are nuts choose Islam. No wonder that religion has so many terrorists. Islam attracts the nutters. The intelligent and sane steer clear of Islam.

  13. I was looking for stuff about the college I was planning to go to for 2 years or so, it’s good to see I’m going to a good and safe school!

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